How to Divide Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants form offset pups and will eventually become a clump of plants. These plants need to be removed to keep your mama plant healthy. It is easy to tease out the small plants, and I can usually pull out my pups after they are 4-5” high.... Read More

Help! My Aloe Plant is in trouble!

A reader asked: I got a migi aloe plant from a friend, it’s about 4 inches from the tallest leaf, including all the little roots. I transplanted into into a little pot, but the leaves are all limp. For now – don’t give it any water... Read More

How to start an Aloe Plant

I tried growing an aloe leaf and failed. It rooted, but somehow it did not survive. The only thing I can come up with is that I gave it too much water. To find out what I did wrong, with my aloe offshoots I kept notes and followed instructions where I... Read More

Starting succulents and keeping them healthy

Most succulents are very easy to start: just plant a leave or stalk in some soil and water a bit more regularly than you’d water a grown plant. You’ll know when to go to a ‘regular’ (once every two weeks or so) by them growing... Read More