About City Nature Club

I have years of experience working in nature as a volunteer in a spiritual center. I pruned, helped maintain the sandy paths and occasionally planted and watered the new vegetation. We had a vision of organic maintenance and of course I wanted that in my new garden as well. My gardening style is a combination of common sense, based on an understanding of ecology, and a few of the techniques used in permaculture.

My credentials

I worked as a volunteer on a (mostly) organically managed estate for over a decade. In addition I was taught the basics of environmental policy when training to be a (chemistry) teacher: the school had set it up so that the chemistry, physics and biology students had many classes together, often organised around nature protection and environmental issues.

Elsewhere online

So who am I? I’m Katinka Hesselink. I’m rather well known in a very select group of people who are into spirituality and religion for my large website on that topic.

I started City Nature Club from posts I have made about plants and ecological gardening on several platforms over the years.