How to get Bees, Butterflies and other Insects into your city garden

Don’t use pesticides in the garden As I lived in my new house, and read about gardening and bee colony collapse, I became conscious of the role that gardens can play in keeping bees alive. However, unfortunately, the same pesticides that threaten... Read More

How to get rid of bugs in an organic garden – Answer: you don’t

Really – you don’t get rid of all bugs in an organic garden. What you do is make sure no one species dominates. That way, insects don’t become pests. Here are some of my tips: Don’t freak out. Insects are part of the natural... Read More

How to Divide Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants form offset pups and will eventually become a clump of plants. These plants need to be removed to keep your mama plant healthy. It is easy to tease out the small plants, and I can usually pull out my pups after they are 4-5” high.... Read More

Help! My Aloe Plant is in trouble!

A reader asked: I got a migi aloe plant from a friend, it’s about 4 inches from the tallest leaf, including all the little roots. I transplanted into into a little pot, but the leaves are all limp. For now – don’t give it any water... Read More

How to harvest Aloe Vera Gel

There really are only two things to remember when harvesting Aloe Vera gel: Let the yellowish (or reddish, depending on the kind of Aloe) moist drip out of the plant for 15 minutes or so. You want the white, translucent inside of the leaf, not the... Read More

How to start an Aloe Plant

I tried growing an aloe leaf and failed. It rooted, but somehow it did not survive. The only thing I can come up with is that I gave it too much water. To find out what I did wrong, with my aloe offshoots I kept notes and followed instructions where I... Read More

Starting succulents and keeping them healthy

Most succulents are very easy to start: just plant a leave or stalk in some soil and water a bit more regularly than you’d water a grown plant. You’ll know when to go to a ‘regular’ (once every two weeks or so) by them growing... Read More